onsdag den 17. marts 2010


i finally managed to make an edible lasagne (much to the dane's delight). before i knew how to cook, i attempted all sorts of 'low-cal' approaches to classic italian dishes and ended up with nightmare dishes. zucchini-crust pizza, spaghetti squash with 'meatballs', lasagne with no decent source of carbohydrates within... yes, i did have one of those miserable stages in life... of course i was slim, but i was sad. so very sad. now i'm chubby but at least i experience the joy of good food every day. ^^

the best part about the lasagne was undoubtedly the ricotta filling. i MADE cheese. it blew my mind! big ups to david lebovitz for the recipe. this method was a lot cheaper than buying ricotta in the supermarket. it was even easy, there was no reason for me to watch the pot on the stove the way i did. the cheese turned out so perfect! the only hard part was scrubbing the pot afterward... /:

overall i think it was a really nice lasagne despite all the chopping and waiting that it took. however, the broccoli felt pretty out of place here. i enjoy this vegetable very much but it was just a strange texture with the rest of the dish and it also smelled bad after a day in the fridge. you know, that old broccoli smell... red, white, and green lasagne is no problem... i'll just pick a different green next time, perhaps spinach or kale.

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Rachel sagde ...

I love lasagna... and yours looks muy delicious!! And broccoli is my fav vegetable... it looks like broccoli made it into your lasagna. Brilliant!

Congrats on making your own ricotta cheese.. thanks for sharing the recipe, too.