søndag den 14. marts 2010

who's got the cutest new lunchbox?

okay, it is not exactly new... i picked it up for a few kroner at a second-hand shop that just opened close to our apartment. man it just looks so adorable! the vintage artwork really inspired me to make some smørrebrød for lunch at work tomorrow. at the same time it seems quite boring since, everyday, more than half of my coworkers have rugbrød for lunch. don't get me wrong, i love that sour bread. but every day?! hmm, maybe i just have to get more creative with my toppings. so here's hoping for a more interesting madpakke.

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Rachel sagde ...

I like your new lunchbox. I've been thinking to get a new one lately... haven't really looked. The one I have now is a boring blue... ok, so I have 2 blue lunchboxes - one dark blue & one light blue. lol
Thanks for inspiring me to go out and get a new one... wish me lucK! Your box is awesome. Bon apetit!