torsdag den 1. april 2010

copenhagen on the cheap

after being asked a handful of times about what to do in denmark, where you can buy soju, and how to get around, i decided to put together a little guide... mina-style! (:

first of all, you need a CPR card (equivalent to a US social security card) to get work, a bank account, etc. so if you don't have that special number, don't even bother asking for a job. no one is willing to pay you under the table with the risk of a fine. secondly, don't expect to be able to use your credit card anywhere unless it has a special chip in it. you'll have to get cash at an automat. lastly, always be prepared for rain! no matter how bright and sunny it is one minute, it could be a downpour the next. ):

getting around:
rejseplanen is a good website to use when you need to use public transport to get somewhere on time. it even alerts you to traffic changes; for example if one station is down, the website will give you an alternate route. findvej is just your basic map.
during the spring and summer, citybikes are put out all over copenhagen. you put in 20kr and when you return the bike, you get the money back. but do not ride these bike outside the city or else you'll get a fine. and take note of the photo in the citybike link! they have a very specific look. don't just pick up any old bike and ride off with it; it belongs to someone! :P

i've been laughed at for doing this, but because of it i can go out and enjoy myself on the weekends! there are regular catalogs put out for grocery stores and i check them almost every week. it saves quite a bit of money when you compare prices instead of just going into superbrugsen and just buying all your groceries there. check minreklame and see the foodstuffs all the way at the bottom. of course the other catalogs can be useful as well. ^^
green grocers can be a good way to save on produce, spices, and of course more exotic ingredients. they are easily spotted by their wares being displayed outside the shop. there are a lot of good middle eastern grocers in nørrebro and you'll find several asian shops close to the central station facing istedgade. but be friendly and beware; they can rip you off just as well as irma. (;

most importantly, it is perfectly okay to drink from the tap. no bottled water needed!
my favourite watering holes are in my neighborhood, but obviously there are some nice places in the rest of copenhagen too. lades kælder is relatively grungy compared to the rest of the upscale nightlife in centrum, but the concerts are intimate and the beers are well-priced! if you can spend a bit more cash, i definitely suggest den tatoverede enke for a great selection of belgian beers. of course christiania is full of great places to hang out with a drink, especially in the summertime.
nørrebro: all you have to do is walk down two specific streets to find a bunch of nice bars. blågårdsgade has props, kate's joint, and of course blågårds apotek. fælledvej boasts gefahrlich and rayeula. further up nørrebrogade you can find drone, which can be a nice bar or a crazy dance party. and a little hidden away is underwood ink, a classy bookbar with good vibes and a great cheese plate.
if you're b.y.o.b then don't forget to recycle your bottles. there's a reason why you have to pay an extra 1kr even though your coke only costs 7kr. inside supermarkets there is usually a machine where you can return your bottles and cans that have this mark. after you have put in all your recyclables, click giv dit bidrag to donate your money to unicef or click pantknappen to keep your money to yourself (you selfish pig!). a receipt will print out and you take it to the cashier. it counts towards any groceries you're buying at the time or you can just get cash.

everything is expensive in copenhagen! even a dress at h&m will cost more than the same dress in stockolm. so flea markets are always a good thing. they are plentiful in summertime but you can always find one somewhere.
check out concerts to buy tickets beforehand and maybe you can save a few kroner at the door. soundvenue is a good site to check out who's playing all over denmark.

anything to add? (:

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Anonym sagde ...

Great guide, especially on the drinking suggestion. I'm not much of a bar-goer and absolutely clueless about hot spots in town :)

RennyBA's Terella sagde ...

Have lived in Copenhagen for a year or so, but that's ages ago - some have changed I can tell :-)

Btw: Saw you at the attend list of OsloBG event list at FB - looking forward to see you in August!