søndag den 8. november 2009

second month on my own

unfortunately there haven't been too many gastronomic feats in my kitchen recently. i blame lack of time with work and school, and of course my own laziness. and when i have a tub of tofu sitting in the fridge and a jar of peanut butter at the ready, there isn't too much much of an urge to cook. most of the drive lately seems to come from trying to use up ingredients before they go off. i just hate hate hate to waste food! both for the 'big picture' and also for my small wallet. /:

this shepherds pie was conceived solely to take care of some potatoes and parsley roots that my roommates had brought for our dinner gathering. though it wasn't really much more than the sum of its parts, it was still pretty good. after i got tired of this mash, it became soup with a couple more cloves of garlic and a handful of herbs. which was what it should have began as since it tasted so much better. ):

to end on a lighter (and less healthy) note, here are some cookies! two types;
world peace a.k.a. korova and plain ol'slice-and-bake. i made them for a friend's birthday since i'm lame and i couldn't think of anything to buy for him. both were light (at least in the hand... maybe not so much in the stomach) and crisp. i'm more a fan of fudgy cookies but these vanished in no time. (:

the world peace cookies had a slight edge on the plain ones. i guess the chocolate chips and a dash of sea salt won the extra points! i remember when i was younger, i hated getting a bite of salt in my sweets. that was around the same time that i claimed i was allergic to onions, egg, and crab. good thing my taste buds eventually woke up!

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