søndag den 8. november 2009

stuffed hokkaido pumpkin

the main reason i bought this pumpkin was probably for visual appeal; what else could have been on my mind when this tiny, unfamiliar produce found its way into my shopping basket? it sat around the apartment on a cake stand for almost a month before i realized i could make a very familiar food with it. i'm not sure if it is a traditional korean food but i see (acorn?) squash stuffed with rice in the korean markets all the time. it's cheap and very healthy. you could probably just add uncooked rice with the same amount of water you'd use in a rice cooker, but i cheated and stuffed this orange vessel with already-cooked purple rice (brown rice cooked with black beans) from the freezer. before that, i coated the insides with vegetable oil and soy sauce. put the top back on so it can steam inside and after about 50 minutes at 200°C, it could be easily pierced by a fork and i guess that gives the green light.

before eating, i added a bit of sesame oil. it was so good! this is the kind of food that makes me think of home. the only problem was that it needed some salt and pepper. i assumed that the soy sauce would lend enough saltiness but it needed a pinch or two more. this is definitely going to be made again. (:

hey, i did not buy a $4 organic pumpkin just to toss the seeds. they got roasted and will be my snack on the train tomorrow.

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