søndag den 25. oktober 2009

dinner at our place

last night me and my fiance were lucky enough to have two of our former roommates over for dinner. it was the very definition of the danish word hygge that they all say is so hard to describe. but why use words when one can just present the feeling? each of us brought a dish and we had a fun time trying to maneuver around each other in the tiny kitchen. i made a risotto which, despite the lack of truffles that the recipe recommended, was a big hit. i'll definitely make this again.

our vegetarian roommate made a really great pasta with creme fraiche, portobellos, celery, and some chili pepper. i really have to get the recipe from her; the combination of creamy and spicy gets me every time! the other roommate brought a ridiculous lamb which his father raised. well, he brought the leg of it at least. rubbed with fresh rosemary, salt, lots of pepper, plugged with garlic, and roasted for almsot 3 hours. i'm not a big meat-eater but it was bliss!

bottles of wine piled up and the beers and ice cream came out. what a great night in great company. i wish we could do this every weekend. (:

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