onsdag den 22. juli 2009


never heard of this cheese before! according to camilla plum, this smoked cheese a danish specialty. i'm a fan of her show (and cheese...) so the very next day i had to go out and buy ingredients to make her summer salad. when i came home with the cheese, i tasted a bit of it alone. WOW. tastes like... well... grill smoke. awesome combination, which makes me wonder why it's not popular in other parts of the world.

all it takes is some of the cheapest produce. tomatoes, radishes, and cucumber. i blitzed the non-wilted radish greens to make what resulted in a very bitter pesto. hmm, i need to work on that. ):

mix the smoked cheese with creme fraiche or thick yogurt, salt and pepper to taste, and dollop on top of the chopped roughage. decorate with chives. or if you forgot to buy it at the green grocers and are too lazy to go out again (ahem), use spring onions. this is certainly another danish dish i can stand by. it should have been served on rugbrød but had to be made a light lunch without, since i still haven't found my perfect rye recipe. i'm too afraid to let my sourdough sit in the fridge any longer so it looks like i'm back to the old ways. :P

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