torsdag den 23. juli 2009


i'm not proud of it but i enjoyed the result thoroughly. i finally made chocolate tofu pudding.

now, i love my dark chocolate bars when i need a sugar fix that isn't fruit. but sometimes i just want something creamy and melty. it may sound gross if you don't love the taste of soy like i do, but the chili in the mix really kicks this pudding up a notch. unfortunately the tofu i usually buy here only comes in 350 gram packs, so i use a 100 gram chocolate bar. works really well and if the chocolate's good enough then i only add 3 tbsp of (preferably vanilla-scented) sugar instead of the ¾ cup that bittman recommends. i garnished this serving with some pepper strands that my mom bought for me in a korean market in california. they're strangely sweet and spicy but pretty mellow. hey, david likes them too.

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