mandag den 20. juli 2009

purple rice

i got my perfect purple rice!! almost as good as my grandma makes. for some reason i thought it could only get purple if you mixed regular rice with black rice, which is pretty expensive (especially here) and i didn't even know if it was the right kind. but i noticed every time i soaked black beans, their water would get all dark and stormy. this is the best thing ever since it's mega cheap and filling. after eating this small bowl of rice and my homemade kaktugi (radish kimchi), i couldn't eat for about 5 hours.

soak dry black beans overnight. rinse. put into rice cooker with rice and its appropriate amount of water. wha-pow! you got breakfast cooked in the 30-45 minutes it took you to do your morning beautification. i used brown rice so i had to add almost 3x as much water as rice. if you add too much water, it's cool. you can just drain it out when the rice is soft enough to eat. didn't even have to add salt or stock, but then again i love the taste of beans mixed with nutty brown rice! now if only i could find the perfect way to reheat it without a microwave... /:

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