tirsdag den 16. juni 2009

kimchi jeon, revisited

yeah, you wish you had a stack of these pancakes.

every culture has at least one dish that was created solely to make use of vegetables that are about to go bad. frittata, stew, fried rice, etc. i'm not sure that kimchi jeon was made for that same purpose, but i certainly took advantage of the loose recipe.

the last time i made kimchi jeon, it was hotter than hell. i'm honestly not sure how i survived it. today i wisely chose to follow maanchi's recipe; of course with changes to accomodate my need to use up leftovers and minus the egg. -sigh- what would i do without this lady?!

i still had about half the bean sprouts remaining from my 1kg purchase to make kongnamul guk. even though i made it into banchan, one can only eat so many cold seasoned bean sprouts! threw it into the batter with a handful of chopped kimchi (which is also getting quite ripe... is it chigae time?), a scallion that was hanging around, and some reconstituted black fungus. the dough was chewy inside, crispy outside, and the vegetables lent a great crunch. the ingredients are cheap and if your kimchi is vegan, so is this jeon. (:

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

I'll eat anything that is not Danish and that pancake or whatever it is - looks good!

mina sagde ...

but what about æbleskiver? :P

Anonym sagde ...

æbleskiver is actually poffertjes from holland, no? LOL

mina sagde ...

small pancakes are the best because you can eat a lot of them. (: