torsdag den 18. juni 2009

anyone got a cure for bloat?

on tuesday evening the dane and i made pasta for dinner. we wanted to make a nice last meal to share with our swedish roommate who is going to greenland for a month. we swiftly boiled fresh spinach pasta (is it healthier?) and threw together a nice sauce of tomatoes and two types of fresh mushrooms with a touch of creme fraiche. and of course there was a good amount of parmesan we sprinkled on top. our swede is a vegetarian but she knows that fish will probably enter her diet during this trip. i hear a single cucumber costs 45kr there. yikes!

after that meal i started feeling quite bloated. i didn't even eat as much as the dane and the swede but i just felt like a balloon. the feeling has continued through today, despite the fact that i'm eating mostly fruit and vegetable.

yesterday was warm again. this week has been like a lightswitch rave with the clouds shooting over copenhagen and blotting out the sun every other day. not wanting to let this brief sunshine go to waste, the dane and i met between work and had coffee on the steps of the planetarium. i only wanted a couple apples to hold me over before heading back home even though my stomach was grumbling. the dane convinced me to get a sandwich but once i looked in the shop, i couldn't take my eyes off the salad selection. it's too hard for me to resist, don't know why. vinegary salads with lemon and olive oil are my kryptonite i suppose. but alas, the plate was too greedy a serving for me; i could only finish the lemony broccoli and bean salad. yummm~ must duplicate in our kitchen.

this place gets a visit from me about once a week and i couldn't help stopping by before meeting the dane for coffee. i can't find decent tofu anywhere cheaper and the dried mushrooms here are a steal compared to the expensive packages at superbrugsen. they also have an assortment of asian vegetation like bok choy, vaccuum-sealed lotus root, and chinese chives. worth a look if you're around the central station. hopefully the tofu i picked up will help with my abdominal discomfort...

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Anonym sagde ...

Try imodium. The TV ad says it reduces bloating so maybe it works for real.

About the shop. Is it really cheap? I used to do my shopping at Bangkok Trading (directly across the central st. back door) or the Vietnamese shop in Amager if I'm too lazy to go all the way to hovedbanegård

mina sagde ...

'cheap' is a funny word. :P

tofu is 12kr and a 1/2kg bag of sushiris is 25kr i think. never been to bangkok trading... what are the prices like there?

Anonym sagde ...

Never really bought sushi ris at bangkok trading but tofu is at the same price (or so I think).