søndag den 21. juni 2009

the contents of this 50kr plate have names, i just don't remember them for the life of me. spicy, sweet, sour, and salty! somewhat similar to korean food. clockwise from the top was steamed cabbage, eggplant with sambal oelek, anchovies with peanuts, some sort of corn fritter, and rice in the middle. i don't know anything about this type of food but the tastes were so sharp and memorable. there was also an empanada-ish pastry and a chip studded with peanuts that my two indonesian friends had me sample. those fried goodies would go too well with beers.

the writer (who took us to the bazaar at the indonesian embassy) suggested there might be a cultural presentation like this one at the korean embassy. with thoughts of hoddeok and patbingsu racing through my mind, i checked online as soon as i got back to the apartment. unfortunately it doesn't even look like the korean embassy is open to the public. boohoo. ):

along with food stalls there was a dance and a musical performance that was just plain trippy. i really like the soothing sounds of these 'bells.' after the show, i checked out the small market stall that had cooking ingredients. all of the bottles and cubes(?) were foreign to me. i'm sad to say i'm still clueless when it comes to indonesian food. what i do know is that i want to taste that firey sauce again! i'm looking at you, eva. :P

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Anonym sagde ...

The food name is Nasi Padang. However, it is very difficult to reconstruct it so I cannot really promise that I could make it myself LOL