søndag den 14. juni 2009


i got tired of korean food, plain and simple. this recipe is from the parsley thief. relatively easy and refreshing and nice in the summertime, which seems to have returned to denmark for the time being. i got to enjoy the lovely weather with two friends today and we went to the louisiana museum of modern art. normally i don't enjoy the m-o word but the main exhibition was on green architecture; something everyone should be interested in.

3 kommentarer:

Melissa Barrett sagde ...

Seriously, that tabbouleh looks fantastic. I've had a major problem with bulgur lately, just turning to mush. And your camera makes me jealous.

mina sagde ...

thank you, melissa! my bulgur seems too hard. maybe i'm impatient and don't soak it long enough. or maybe it just needs longer because it's "groft bulgur?"

the photos take a bit of beating in photoshop after being unloaded from the camera. ^^;

Ciao Chow Linda sagde ...

Your tabouleh looks great.