søndag den 24. maj 2009

shopping frenzy

okay, maybe not a frenzy. nevertheless i still caught myself buying more things this week/end, with the thought of work potentially on the way. purchases included not just food but actual items that could be used for things not involving consumption. my mind is always on food, how sad... i haven't bought a single piece of clothing or accessory for myself in copenhagen until today; a plain black purse for 15kr at a loppemarked (literally 'fleamarket') full of babyclothes.

it's funny that the dane and i spotted the graffiti on the way to coffee collective to pick up our fix on saturday. even though it had been raining a little bit, the loppemarked by assistens kirkegård was still going (seems like moisture never stops danes from doing anything; i saw a marathon going strong in this afternoon's shower). we immediately latched on to two elephants and ended up buying them on the way back. at 75kr for the pair, i think it was a guiltless impluse buy. they'll soon be bearing flowers to welcome guests into our flat. (:

finally i cooked something! it was pretty fast though. this was my first time preparing bulgur and luckily it was quite easy. i thought it tasted similar to brown rice (meaning: a little boring), so i korean'd it up with kimchi, soya, s&p, and of course a drizzle of sesame oil. it was filling and a quick replacement for brown rice in a cheap bibimbap.

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