fredag den 22. maj 2009


another delicious burger at halifax. the chickpea patty is fantastic but this time i wanted to try something different and went with celeriac. basically just a slab of that fugly root, seasoned in some miraculous way. ordered biarritz style, with goat cheese and chili-fried mushrooms. mmmm... and obviously a massive salad to make my day. of course the dane had a classic beef patty with taters. badonkadonk. (;

i treated him to dinner for once because it seems like i'll finally have a real job! after 7+ months of unemployed mooching off of him and our flatmates, i can finally hold my head up and... well, pay for stuff myself. there's still (what i envision to be) a mile-high stack of paperwork and of course denmark's tiny aversion to hiring foreigners. though nothing is final, the doctor seems very keen on hiring me and i really like the atmosphere of the hospital. the staff is kind and eager to learn from eachother; especially the doctors! how weird is that, america? there are actually some doctors don't treat technicians like janitors! but all those things are just wonderful perks; i'm mostly glad that i can work, integrate into society, and use my degree.

on the way home from halifax, i saw a can of tuna on the ground. unopened irma tuna. confused, i just stared at it. the dane picked it up while i protested, saying something about found tuna possibly being tainted somehow. he just tossed it into his bag and said, "honey, we ain't rich yet." haha! guess we'll eat it this weekend... P:

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Anonym sagde ...

Still not final? When will they give you an answer?

Anyway, still keeping my fingers crossed for you!