mandag den 25. maj 2009

easing up

last night was possibly the best sushi night at home, and nearly effortless! so it's easy to see we've made many, many attempts. this time the rice came out perfectly seasoned and the grains were clumping proper. thanks goes to the wooden sushi bowl that the dane bought for the flat; i think all the girls are enjoying it. a trip to nørreport fiskehus yielded a large filet of salmon that was stellar, buttery, and all too much in the end. the dane and i overindulged (hey, we couldn't let any of that fresh fish and great rice go to waste!) and could barely roll ourselves out of the kitchen. ><

the daring bakers challenge is due to be posted tomorrow, yet i just put my dough in the fridge this morning. and i still haven't decided what ingredients i'll use. eek! in addition to that, i'm going to bake a cake on friday and of course i have no idea what kind. hmph, i need some inspiration!

...and also someone to eat the test cakes. x:

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