søndag den 5. april 2009

family potluck

my dad's birthday was on april 1st, but mom's side of the family got together on saturday to celebrate it along with the birthdays of two cousins and two aunts. it would be at our house, which i was delighted to hear, since that means potluck! i was expecting them to bring the usual korean dishes and my mouth was watering after months of being deprived of my family's good cooking. but it turned out to be pretty... not korean.

first up, mom's pork ribs. vegetarians... look away! or pretend they're soy. everyone at the gathering loves these. before sending me to grill them, she boiled the ribs in stock for a couple hours with onions, garlic, ginger, apples, asian pears, and even a kiwi. this time she was either trying to empty the fridge or be creative; either way, i consider it a success! of course they are slathered in kc masterpiece original before grilling. there's few things i would not eat if it was covered in kc masterpiece... but i only ate the littlest piece i could find since i'm still recovering from msg shock. @_@;

next is salmon covered in fish eggs from aunt s. there was no way i could take a photo of it without making it seem like someone ralphed on the platter. but trust me, it was so delicious! i'm inclined to say this was the best or second best dish.

another contribution from my mom was her take on my father-in-law's (to be) potatoes and leeks. this was a little different (more oil and less salt) but still good. i thought it was pretty funny that aunt h asked, "where's the rice?" and my mom replied that the potatoes would stand in. aunt h looked at the potatoes and then said, "so... no rice?" oh, korea. those fingerlings can do no wrong! and the purple ones were slightly sweet. can't wait to taste some new potatoes back in copenhagen. (:

finally, korean food! my grandma brought jap chae and i've been promised the recipe. soon i'll post my spin on these addictive sweet potato noodles with mushrooms, spinach, carrots, bell peppers... mm! but maybe i'll leave the meat out and add MORE MUSHROOMS, yeah!! my grandma laid the smackdown with these noodles and i just barely managed to scrape together a cupful for a later lunch. packing up after a family potluck can get violent. (;

no one brough regular kimchi..! i was surprised. and maybe a little disappointed... but someone did bring kaennip, which i hate. something about the taste of perilla leaves just can't be masked by red peppers. i still hate danmuji (yellow pickled radish) too. even though i now enjoy my old childhood dislikes such as crab and eggs, some things will never change. ^^;

appearances were also made by shrimp cocktail, red cabbage salad with apples (reminded me of our julefrokost!), chicken, and of course a fantastic birthday cheesecake from cafe blanc. easily one of the best bakeries i've been to. i hope they can do my wedding cake. P:

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