mandag den 6. april 2009

mushroom fiend

ever since i had the spinach salad at the strangely-named oki doki restaurant last week, i've been craving mushrooms more than usual. i chose the dish because i wanted spinach but the leaves were hiding away grilled mushrooms underneath. two, maybe three kinds! enoki, shiitake, and cremini(?). the smoky taste had me at hello.

after that huge potluck, i needed something light and healthy. in the fridge there were some cremini mushrooms that my in-laws to be had kindly bought for me, knowing my food preferences more than my own parents. i tossed them in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and hit it with a little over a handful of garlic. yeah, you know how i roll. i scraped the grill and cleaned it with the cut side of an onion. then i grilled those shrooms on low heat for a couple minutes, til i couldn't take it anymore.

unfortunately the spinach i spotted in the fridge was way past it's prime so i had to settle with romaine. but the mushrooms were still delicious! what is it with americans buying so much food that they can't possibly eat before expiry? and did you know we have two refrigerators? nevermind, that's for another post. :P

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