fredag den 3. april 2009

sick of it

for the past nine days or so, i've had sushi once a day and more than half my meals were eaten in a restaurant. the make things worse, we had korean-chinese food and a lot of wine on the last night before my fiance and his family took off back to copenhagen. don't get me wrong; i love korean-chinese food. maybe a little too much. but coupled with a heated conversation that night (perhaps resulting from too much wine), i feel extremely bloated now. msg, anyone?

since my fiance has been begging me to fulfill his vacation diet of raw fish, i had to eat in a similar fashion. well, i guess i didn't have to. but it's hard when there's nagging involved. so now that they're gone, i can go back to eating like a rabbit. well, a rabbit who loves kimchi.

i did happen to eat two relatively healthy meals out, though.

exhibit a: the santa monica salad from marché moderne at south coast plaza. normally i would say that this mall can rot. however, it houses one restaurant that i love. marché moderne combines delicious food, beautiful presentation, and great service which (SURPRISE) results in a perfect dining experience. it can be a bit pricey but the lunch prix fixe is a ridiculous deal; three courses for $20. unfortunately by the time i get there i am never hungry enough to dare to order it. this salad was easy on the eyes and also my stomach (which was confused by all the raw fish dropping into it) with beets, oranges, and goat cheese.

exhibit b: on the opposite end of the scale is an old favourite, but with a twist. mushroom taco with beans, hold the ahi rice. SO GOOD. wahoo's fish tacos exploits the concept of tacos de pescado to the delight of most of california. the safe thing to order is fish, obviously. they also offer chicken and shrimp, along with some others. i'm looking forward to trying the two veggie options, though i'm a bit wary of the name "banzai veggies." i'm most skeptical of their carne asada and carnitas. sure, wahoo's may be more sanitary than the taco trucks that i usually get those meats from... but it tastes better, i swear. you only live once. (:

so today is the start of my diet going back to normal. should be relatively easy. while i was in california without the dane for a week, i lost 5 pounds easily. and of course when he arrived, everything went downhill and i gained the weight right back. i blame him entirely. :P

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