mandag den 16. marts 2009

fried rice is for old rice

hello from california! on saturday back in denmark i was still on my quest to use up all my homemade kimchi before departing. with a quarter of a head of fermented napa cabbage left, i didn't have to work too hard to think of kimchi bokumbap. i also wanted to get rid of a tiny bit of tofu and frozen spinach i had so it worked out well, adding more nutrients and colour. (:

lazy kimchi fried rice
(serves 3-4)

3 heaping cups cooked brown rice
1 cup chopped kimchi
1/3 cup kimchi juice
200g tofu
1-2 tbsp gochugaru
200g frozen spinach
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp sesame oil

pour olive oil into a pan and cook the kimchi (and some chopped onion if you got it) for a few minutes on medium high. then add brown rice, gochugaru, kimchi juice, spinach, and tofu and mix until thoroughly incorporated. then just stir occasionally until it's heated through. when you're ready to eat, pour sesame oil over the rice and mix it in. trust me, it really makes a difference. (;

the most common topping for kimchi fried rice is an egg, usually fried seperately and set atop the rice. sometimes i like to crack the egg into the pan with the rice and cook them together. then you get a little scrambled action going on. however, i can't deny the pull of a runny yolk seeping into the rice. mmmm! unfortunately this bokumbap would have been much better had it been made with old rice instead of freshly cooked. got a little on the slimy side. but it was the kimchi i was trying to use up, not leftover rice; isn't it usually the other way around?

two of my entries (among more than two that i sumbitted...) were accepted and displayed on tastespotting! it was kimchi chigae and my second try at rugbrød. yay! my photography must be improving a bit. :D

i don't know how much cooking i'll do in california since there's cheap fruit and veg all around me (i had a huge salad with fruit for breakfast, of all meals) along with frozen yogurt. also i'm hoping my mom will feel threatened by my kimchi-making skills and show off all her banchan magic. but i'm borrowing my dad's old canon eos 20d so the photos will keep coming. maybe even some that are not food-related. *gasp*

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