lørdag den 14. marts 2009

rye again

my flight departs for california sunday morning. so friday i decided there was plenty of time to bake a loaf to take home to my friends and family. but the recipe makes two loaves and it's too good to mess with the proportions, so of course i'm leaving one for my flatmates. also, what's the dane gonna eat while i'm gone? haha. he'll be joining me on monday the following week and i'm hoping he and i can slink off for some sushi while our parents chat it up. kekeke~

i did NOT make the same mistake as i did on the first rye, which was mistaking tbsp for tsp. well, whaddya expect; i'm doing a recipe in another language. this time a proper amount of salt was added and it surely makes a difference. it's the perfect flavour and the same great moistness inside a crisp crust. it didn't have as many sunflower seeds as last time and i still would have liked some pumpkin seeds... but hey, i'm leaving the country tomorrow and i don't really feel like going food shopping of any sort when i'm gonna be gone for over a month.

the dane was present for the entire process this time and of course he got a little crazy with the sesame seeds, even though i added almost twice as much as last time... he's totally into the black ones especially. i can't say it doesn't impart a nice flavour. unfortunately we didn't press them into the dough well enough and seeds exploded all over the place when i was taking the loaf out of the pan. i'm glad the dane was already asleep at that point or else i'm afraid he might have tried eating some spilled seeds off the floor. if you missed out on the recipe last time, here it is. make this classic danish bread!

back to packing... the next post will probably come from california. (:

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