onsdag den 18. marts 2009

home cookin'

though i wouldn't say cabbage means irish, it seems like that's a big part of st. patrick's day fare. so my mom unintentionally made a somewhat festive dinner tonight; brown and wild rice with soybean paste wrapped in steamed cabbage. it's almost too healthy. recently we found out my mom has diabetes, so she's had to change her diet and therefore her recipes. sad, but at least she (and consequently, my dad) will be eating healthier.

put a bit of rice on the steamed cabbage, and top it with doenjang. this particular one is very tasty! it also has spring onions mixed in. it works well taking the edge off any residual weirdness of the cabbage.

wrap your parcel and ship it to p.o. box YOUR MOUTH.

of course she also had to make one of my favourite banchan (which we instead make into a large portion); mook! it's acorn jelly. kinda like a savoury gelatin, only without the boiled bones bit. this time she made it a little differently by adding cucumbers and orange bell pepper. i think she's just trying to clean out the vegetable crisper, haha. but it tasted soooo good. we also had to change the sauce from the usual recipe... gotta watch the sugar intake, so she added splenda instead. soy sauce, lots of chopped garlic, spring onions, sweetener of your choice, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. i love this wiggly chopsticks challenge so much, i wish i could take it back to copenhagen with me... or maybe i can just stuff my mom into my suitcase. ;_;

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