onsdag den 18. februar 2009

snow and breaking things

finally; a winter wonderland!

the times i've seen actual snow falling i could count on one hand. but that number is steadily increasing this month. right now and the moment i took the photo. biking, shivering, to the office twice this week. still the coldest i can remember being was in new york city in 2005. or maybe it was 2006..? ugh, i'm getting old! it was somewhere around broadway and broome when i decided it was so cold that i couldn't walk anymore. so i limped into a doughnut shop and bought a cup of coffee just to sit as far from the door as possible and hold the cup in my frozen palms. it tasted terrible.

maybe it was the windchill or the tall buildings blotting out the sun. or perhaps my skin has thickened? nowadays i'm really enjoying the cold. at least for the first 5 minutes. snow is still something mystical to this california girl. even better is when snow collects in my bike basket. it keeps my purchases cold. salmon was on sale at superbest so it went on ice and we had homemade sushi again last night. it's becoming pretty repetitive so no photos of it. :P

speaking of repetition, we eat a pomelo almost every night. this is turning into an expensive habit at 15-25kr per fruit. "what will we eat in california instead?" the dane asks. every fruit of the rainbow. organic. oh, and korean pears. how i miss you! i have waking dreams of trading my parents' next-door neighbor some cookies or cake for the giant figs that weigh down the shrub in their backyard. those figs taste like aforementioned waking dreams.

but yesterday i woke to find that my bike had been knocked over by one of three young men that were in the back alley 'kicking up a ruckus,' if you will. a lady picked it back up; she's probably one of their teachers. the guys were scraping up freshly fallen snow off the dumpster lids and pelting eachother, birds, or nothing in particular as she stood watching. they moved on to kicking broken chairs and shelves that were set out to be trucked off to the dump. what's the point? when i was leaving to the office i realized a screw was missing from my front basket. it must have broken off when my bike fell. the basket teetered and tottered all the way to vesterbro. it was a christmas gift. ):

the dane says the young men are from the first floor of our building, probably a correctional course or just somewhere to keep them out of trouble on weekdays. isn't it the nights that spawn the most trouble? i wonder why they are so destructive. my swedish roommate and i have discussed the first floor occupants and i think it would be nice to bake them some cookies or something. maybe then they will stop knocking over our bikes and melting the plastic bags covering the seats.

or maybe i could peel them a pomelo.

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Anonym sagde ...

I am sorry to hear about your bike. I guess those roudy boys exist in Danmark too. I enjoy reading your stories. miss you