torsdag den 19. februar 2009

man, i must have had about 7 servings of fruit and vegetables yesterday. that's kind of awesome. the dane was coming home late and i was feeling lazy so i just defrosted some frozen organic spinach and tossed it in a pan with some soy sauce, minced garlic, and finished it off with sesame oil and seeds. i think it could have used more garlic... hehe. next to the mound of spinach is our extended refrigerator occupant, kaktugi, aka radish kimchi. i made it along with the new batch of napa cabbage kimchi from maangchi's site. a spinach recipe can also be found there, by the way. but i like it warm and the cold radish was a nice contrast.

for lunch today the dane wanted sushi. but i think 3 days in a row is overdoing it! although the salmon and tuna might be caught around denmark, it's well known that these two (among many others) are in danger of being overfished. don't get me wrong; my heart still beats strong for seafood and i'm pretty sure i won't become a vegetarian, mainly for that reason. but maybe we should stick to mackerel instead. it's viewed as food for starving artists here but i think it's pretty delicious! especially in tomato sauce, yum... plus i happen to be an artist with empty pockets. ):

or perhaps jellyfish! don't they eat fish eggs/larvae? while we can't reverse global warming, we can certainly enjoy a jellyfish salad on occasion... only to help the other fishes repopulate, of course. (;

rike white on lice.

it's been snowing softly all morning! however it doesn't seem to have enough staying power for me to go out and make snowmen or sn-owls. hopefully there's some more powdery white stuff in beder, where i'm taking the train tomorrow to visit the dane's parents. he'll be gone for the weekend to do sound for a band at by:larm festival in norway. the record label i work for will also be there so i'm toying with the idea of leaving my laptop in copenhagen and just relaxing with books and sketchpads for the weekend.

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