tirsdag den 17. februar 2009

new toy

right when i was donning my gloves and heading out to the office, the dane called me.

"i bought an egg cooker!"

don't we already have a couple of those in the apartment? they're called "pots" iirc... but he insisted that it was worth the 100kr and was coming up the stairs at that very moment. a few minutes later we were looking at some kind of alien incubation device. i have never even heard of an egg cooker before. i don't mind waiting around 7 minutes to boil an egg and buying a whole new appliance to do it seemed like a waste.

however, i tested it out once i got home (from biking through the snow, brr!) and i can say that it's pretty awesome. you fill the included measuring cup with water up to one of the lines based on preferred done-ness and number of eggs, rather than boiling a whole pot of water. poke a hole in the blunt end of the egg, set it inside with the pierced end up, put the lid on, and it rings when it's done. even the needle is built-in; can you see it? one egg sacrificed itself for the test run on medium. delicious success!

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Melissa Lauterbach Barrett sagde ...

I want one. I can hard boil an egg, but for some reason the peel sticks to the egg - and I end up wasting half the egg white.

(And, I'm making that broccoli tonight.)