mandag den 9. februar 2009

now what

last night the dane made pizzas. beautiful dough made from fresh yeast and topped with salami (ø), tomatoes (ø), avocado, and shiitakes. i think the meat made it a bit too salty but it seems like everything is for me. maybe i am just under-salting everything else to save my sodium intake for indulging in korean food. i'll develop high blood pressure by kimchi; no other reason will be good enough! or maybe i am just getting fed up with meat in general. anyway i'll have to post the pizza recipe one of these days. preferably when the camera arrives to show off the finished product.

speaking of the camera, we ordered it online over the weekend but it should be here in a day or so! what? whenever i order something online in the states, it will take 5-10 business days to get to me at the very least. oh, denmark. you are so cute with your efficiency.

the sun decided to show its ugly mug today so the dane and i went for a walk before he jetted off to the studio. a gloomy but beautiful detour through assistens kirkegård, stopped for a perfect latte at coffee collective, and browsed through some (overpriced, imho) records at accord. our last stop was an unsuccessful quest for gloves at a second hand shop. i lost my left one somewhere along the lakes. and it is really, really cold outside. but i was happy to look and walk around. yay, doing things! i even caved and bought a liter of ice cream. but an email waiting for me at home would promise even more things to do in the near future. fingers crossed!

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