søndag den 8. februar 2009

back in kimchi business

the phone's pictures are making my eyes go wonky, so here is a cocio that i snapped before my camera kicked the bucket. it is a drink from denmark using only cocoa, milk, and sugar. of course the light version uses skim milk and some artificial sweeteners but you can't have your cake and eat it too. in the states i've seen it being sold in target of all places. now that i'm on a dairy kick, these bottles have been regularly appearing on our shelf in the fridge.

my quest by the central station was fruitful; decent tofu has been bought and went straight into the chigae. 300g of silken tofu for 12kr is only slightly better than supermarkets and that thai shop at the lakes (WHICH I WILL NEVER GO TO AGAIN BECAUSE THEY CHARGED ME 100KR/$20 FOR A SMALL BAG OF RICE AND 10 SHEETS OF NORI - NO I AM NOT BITTER) but they only have one firmness of tofu and 'chinatown market' has at least 3. according to the shopowner, they will be getting a new shipment of supplies soon and korean black bean paste may be included. jjajangmyun, you will be mine! i also picked up a bag of gochugaru (hot chili flakes) and painfully handed over 65kr for it. i hope my mom isn't reading this... :x

rain didn't stop me from digging around in the boxes and picking out some decent* vegetables. a firm daikon, a bundle of spring onions, and a clean napa cabbage went into my bag. if you saw an asian girl biking in the rain yesterday with a white root sticking out of a bright yellow kånken backpack, there's a pretty good chance it was me.

when i got home i immediately set about making a huge mess to concoct a new batch of kimchi. somewhere during that process the dane walked in soaking wet from the rain and handed me some dried shiitakes! hot diggity chigae, best boyfriend ever. curiosity eventually got the best of him and he ate a bowlful. approval! this time i wasn't too lazy to soak and cook some brown rice and along with the tofu it toned down the spiciness a bit. but the real star was the shiitakes. i didn't even have to bother reconstituting them in water, the tofu let off enough liquid. it was so delicious that i ended up eating 2 bowls. and of course after my mouth was on fire, i was wishing for a tall glass of cocio.

*note to self: never go to the green grocers around the central station on a saturday. it will be jam-packed with asian tourists that ask the shopowners many, many questions and all the veggies will be absolutely molested.

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