lørdag den 7. februar 2009

needs more fi-yah

red means stop... but tofu and shiitakes would have been awesome in this

last night was filled with joy and sorrow as i dumped the last of the ripening kimchi into a pot. but it was for a good cause; kimchi chigae. feeling extremely lonely and homesick after talking to my brother on the phone, comfort food was a must. i still haven't been able to bring myself to pay the exorbitant price for weird tofu here, so this was a poor (wo)man's chigae with just kimchi, sugar, onion, gochugaru and gochujang. playing on another one of maangchi's recipes i ended up with a pretty decent pot of red hot stew. it was not of mom caliber by any means, but warmed my belly and set my mouth afire on a cold night.

starting to look proper here

now i'm completely out of kimchi and i don't have enough gochugaru to do another whole napa cabbage. a trip to the shops by the central station is in order! if none of them carry the hot pepper flakes then i guess i'll just do half a cabbage and call it quits until i visit california again in march. fingers crossed. ):

optimistically speaking, there's a brand new camera on the way. the dane and i have split the cost and it should be shipped monday. first we combined record collections and now we're sharing a camera; this relationship is getting serious! hmm, after i moved to copenhagen my external hard drive and camera broke for no reason. an ominous sign or coincidence? (;

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