fredag den 6. februar 2009

orange blues

i can't help but be wary of something labeled AGROFRUIT

for some strange reason 2kg of clementines were sitting outside of superbrugsen on sale for 15kr. how they can afford to sell cheaper than fakta, i have no idea. the organic lemons they had on display inside were cheap as well but also very sickly with green spots. welp, guess those madeleines will have to wait til next week. so today might be one of those days where i don't cook anything and just live off citrus essence. as a child i would often eat so many tangerines that i'd end up with a stomachache. where is my citrus horn of plenty now?!

speaking of the colour orange, carrots and i are not on speaking terms for a while. although i have to admit, it was mostly my fault. last night's dinner was a vegetable tart which had the potential to be delicious; however, i made a bad choice of vegetables because i wanted to use up leftovers. carrots and green beans maybe do not belong in a tart together. the remaining half went into the trash. it looked so ugly that i almost forgot my camera was broken. but the dane was polite and ate 3 slices, saying it was good. bless his widdle heart. i doused mine in sesame seeds and kabayaki sauce. no shame!

should have thawed some frozen spinach and broccoli instead. that totally would have kicked those carrots' collective ass.

at least the eggs are still rocking my world. thoroughly.

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