tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

last of the soba

last night we dipped into the package of soba noodles again to have a warm, semi-fancy stir fry on a cold night. oh, those shiitakes are after my own heart. but only one nicely-portioned bundle of noodles is left now. so far the box has been endlessly giving for cold soba noodles and bibim guksu, but all good things must come to an end. i don't remember seeing any at chinatown market so maybe it will have to wait until i get back from the states. or we could just buy regular, non-asian noodles for once.

i keep having dreams of weaving my bike through packed traffic in orange county. winter is actually getting to me now. it was nearing 80°F when i visited california in the middle of december. tangerines and sweet grapefruits were begging to be picked off the neighbors' branches that dipped into our yard. now here i am paying for oranges like every other chump. they're from spain.

california winter

i defrosted and reheated some soup on the stove that i made a couple months ago. i'm pretty sure it was carrot and sweet potato, maybe with some chili powder and garam masala tossed in haphazardly in the end. defrosting soup makes me feel kind of mom-ish. D:

tomorrow stuff happens!

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