lørdag den 22. januar 2011

the open-faced sandwich

though i've been living in denmark for over 2 years now, i have not tried one of the most well-known danish delicacies; smørrebrød, literally translated as 'buttered bread.' another thing i haven't tried is a hot dog from a wiener wagon, but that will take some time (if it happens at all).

one morning, the dane got it into his head that we should go out for smørrebrød for lunch. i was super hungry by that point so i agreed to it with a little hesitation. for breakfast i can eat almost anything, but meat-heavy dishes give me a bad start to the day. he decided on aamanns, a restaurant in the city that is well-known for putting a modern twist on classic open-faced sandwiches. the lunch menu isn't very big but everything is beautifully presented and there is a good meat-to-green ratio. the dane went with the daily special; roast beef with kale and tiny cubes of fried potatoes and horseradish cream, pork rillette with brussels sprouts and pomegranate arils, and soft-boiled egg with fried fat.

my selection of 3 types of fish was slightly lighter and just as pretty. you're supposed to butter the bread and delicately build the fish and other ingredients on top. well, that didn't really happen. but it was very delicious! much more inspiring and fresh than i ever imagined traditional danish cuisine to be. the first part of the platter i went for was the smoked salmon with apples, preserves, dill, and little bits of toasted rye bread. the other two were sadly types of fish that i couldn't remember but they tasted equally good. a white fish with savoy cabbage and a pan-fried fish with house-made tartar sauce. i usually hate tartar sauce but this one can decorate my fried fish any day. it was a little expensive for what it was, but it's a good experience that's worth at least one trip. (:

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