søndag den 30. januar 2011

korean food for non-koreans

i've made bibimbap twice this week. it is easy to make but it takes a bit of time to chop all the veggies and stir fry them separately. on monday i chose this dish for a vegan potluck, as it's easy as hell to veganize. basically all you have to do is leave out the meat. to make it gluten-free, just use a wheat-free soy sauce for stir-frying the vegetables. pretty much anyone can enjoy it, unless they don't like garlic or sesame oil! the next time it appeared on the menu was a friday night dinner with friends. i like to serve it with a choice of gochujang or soy sauce with spring onions, sesame oil, and a pinch of sugar. smiles all around. (:

another dish that many non-koreans enjoy is korean fried chicken! it's probably the best example of successful korean fusion. my husband really liked it, saying that the meat was so moist and delicious; but it may just have been the sesame seeds that won him over. that man loves his sesame seeds, especially the black ones! this was the first time i tried making it; i meant to try it long ago but i am deathly afraid of frying things! good thing i got over it, as i'm definitely planning on making this again!

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Emma sagde ...

bibimbap is my favourite and the chicken looks delish. When I was expecting my son, bibimbap was one of my cravings. I ate so much of it that the lady in the restaurant told me I would have a big fat baby if I didn't stop eating it... she was right!