onsdag den 10. november 2010

the folkekøkken to rule them all

this past sunday, i was lucky enough to participate in the monthly cake orgy at ungdomshuset. though it seems like an outrageous idea that could never work, it's been going on for a while now and is met with only positivity. what is it? you pay 20kr ($3.72 USD as of today) and then eat all the cake and drink all the coffee/tea you can. best of all, everything is vegan! (:

the clientele was nicely varied; some punks, some old folks, some middle-aged middle-class people, some babies, and us. there was even a handful of really sweet dogs wandering around the dining room and begging for scraps! i wanted to take one of them home with me so badly! ahem, anyway... the cakes were served a little past 2pm and they kept coming! some of the pickings were pecan cake, raisin cake, coconut cake, chocolate cake, chocolate-coffee cupcake, carrot (i think) cupcake, chocolate-raisin cookies, and an old school danish 'applecake (which isn't a cake at all, more like a pudding... but that's a story for another day).'

there were even vegan, gluten-free cupcakes. sweetened with agave and decorated with apples. it was really nice, the texture wasn't weird or grainy at all. the first (and probably last) vegan, gluten-free cake i'd attempted to bake was steamrolled by these cupcakes. i'd say this was the real apple cake. (;

warning: although vegan is healthier, you should definitely not come here if you're on any sort of diet. sugar is sugar, no matter how you look at it. and these cakes are so good, you'll find it hard to stop!

after we had eaten our fill, the empty platters went away and the kitchen staff started bringing out bowls of pastas and salads! for an additional donation, we could eat a late lunch/early dinner after the cakes. needless to say, i was really impressed with all the offerings. but instead of gorging ourselves, we opted to take a tour of the place. there had been a huge dub step party the night before, so the 2 concert halls were in dire need of repair. the bands who use the practice rooms have to pay very little in rent; however, they do also have to clean up after parties. but i'm sure the bands were hungover so they would clean up later in the evening. looks like everyone had a lot of fun! though ungdomshuset may have a history of violence, that is certainly not what they're about. i'm glad that there is such a place that exists in copenhagen. and hopefully i'll have time to join in their soup kitchen on thursday nights. ^^

vegan cake orgy!!
first sunday of the month @ 2pm
cost: 20kr

dortheavej 61
2400 kbh nv

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Anonym sagde ...

One again, your article is very nice

Seglare sagde ...

I'm still traveling (this being my final year at the university - with the extra "freedom" that comes with it - it's probably the last chance to spend weeks at my parents' house at a time ;)), but this is something I'll definitely have to try when I get back to Denmark. I have been drooling over pictures of the Sunday cake spread at Hotel d'Angleterre, but never seriously considered going there myself. Now this looks like a much better match, both for my vegan diet, company, and for my student budget. :)

mina sagde ...

@seglare: there is a sunday cake spread at d'angleterre?! omg. well... whatever, i am sure this cake orgy is MUCH better. hope to see you there at some point. (;

SofiePauw sagde ...

We are three Belgian students and we have to organise a study-trip abroad. we choose to go to Kopenhagen.
In search of a vegan people's kitchen, we accidently found your blog.
Two weeks ago, the 3rd of November, you blogged about your work as volunteer at Kafa-X.
It looks like a very nice initiative and we are willing to have a meal there and to help the kitchen staff with cooking.
We sent a mail to kafax19@gmail.com but didn't get a reaction yet.
For our school it's required that this vist will be enrolled during our trip. We have to make a report with the concrete planning.
Now, we wanted to know if you have a theleponenumber we can call, or if you could help us with our question.

Sofie, Jochem, Brecht

Btw, the meals on your blog look delicious!

mina sagde ...
Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.
SofiePauw sagde ...

Hy Mina!
Thank you very much for the answer. I didn't where I could find the reaction on my post but after searching almost everywear, I finally found it :)
(I didn't know much of blogd and that kind of stuff...)
I will send an email with further questions.

It's such a help for us, this blog!
By, Sofie