torsdag den 4. november 2010

vegan, one day a week

once the temperature started dipping under 10°C, i found myself craving some homey comfort foods. one of my aunts used to bring a killer green bean casserole to fall/winter get-togethers; this recipe fit the bill perfectly. it's not as easy as my aunt's green beans smothered in cream-of-mushroom soup from a can, but tastes just as good. and the stuff on top? one thing in danish cuisine (besides rugbrød) that i can stand by: FRIED ONIONS. mmMM! P:

another time i tried to recreate this amazing miso-glazed aubergine (that's 'eggplant' to any americans reading...) that i shared with my friend R at tomoe in london. my first try turned out "meh." having only one half of the vegetable left, i decided to use a recipe instead of jamming on nothing more than a feeling. this one turned out beautifully; i licked the peel clean! there's no reason this glaze can't work on other vegetables, so i'm sure i'll be seeing it again soon.

i eat vegan meals a couple times a week but i thought in lieu of my new tuesday night arrangement, i'd go vegan the whole day. breakfast will be fruit of some sort, dinner is obviously taken care of at kafa-x, so there is really only lunch to worry about. it's also a good way to take care of the vegetables that i so often... er... come across on late nights here in copenhagen. the kimchi fried rice you see above was actually a wednesday lunch, using up found bean sprouts and leftover brown rice and lentils from the soup kitchen the night before. just add homemade vegan kimchi and voila!

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