torsdag den 29. juli 2010


see my wooden ring? i'd like to say that i haven't posted in a while because of the stress of planning our wedding, but i really have no excuse. between then and now, i've been cooking up a storm and going to dinners and all the normal things... i've just been too lazy to edit/photograph the actual food. hmm... let me retract that first statement; i am glad that we didn't stress out!

honestly, there was very little work and money put into our big day but it turned out perfectly! my dress cost around $100 and i'm definitely not planning to let it rot, unworn, in my closet. i made the bouquet from flowers in our garden, wrapping it in packaging that the rings were delivered in. and of course we took the bus to city hall! the most costly part was easily my parents' flight tickets; it was their first time in scandinavia and i'm so happy they could be a part of the wedding here in copenhagen. my man's parents drove down from århus and met us at city hall. the official 'read us our rights' in about 2 minutes so we got the formal stuff out of the way quicker than i thought.

following a raging photoshoot from friends and tourists alike on the front steps, my man's parents took us to the quiet garden behind city hall and presented kransekage and some bubbly. we got to chat a bit with our friends and mooooore photos. afterwards, we took a few of our friends on a very touristy boat tour of the copenhagen canals! it was a lot of fun and i was so happy to share this unique moment with friends and family. after all, it's not about the glitz and glam and how much you spent on the wedding... right? (;

the night ended on a very high note with dinner at our favourite japanese restaurant in denmark; bento! it was me, my new husband, and our folks. we had arranged earlier to have a selection of different dishes, but they just kept coming with more and more! our table was absolutely inundated with food. everything was so good... in addition to our own bento boxes we had kabayaki eel, agedashi tofu, gyoza, breaded pork cutlet, and chicken karaage-style. when the server announced that sushi was coming, we sadly groaned and had to ask for a reduced selection...

but there's always room for dessert! although i tried my best, it was unfortunately the first time in years that i couldn't finish my sweets... i was so sad! the cupcake was especially delicious. the service there was so wonderful, moreso than usual! the chef came out to congratulate us and his mother even took some photos of us with her own cameraphone. i even got my own bouquet from them; it was an extra sweet touch.

like i said, everything turned out the way i wanted. and i even got to wear my dress the whole day; on the bus to city hall, on the boat tour, at the restaurant... and i was never afraid to get it dirty. so that was my penny-pinching, tree-hugging wedding. ^^

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Who needs these ridiculous weddings where you wear a meringue dress?! Mikkel and I got married at Kbhs Rådhus too, it's so beautiful inside. The wedding rooms have the most wonderful paintings.

Your day sounds like it was just perfect :)