mandag den 2. august 2010

good old danish food

my fiance husband has been talking about this seaside restaurant for as long as i've been living in denmark. because of its somewhat out-of-the-way location on the island of odense, i've never had the chance to visit until now. he himself had eaten there several times before with bandmates on their way to concerts in jylland; a very welcome stopover when they were packed into a bus or car. he knows i am not a huge fan of traditional danish food, seeing as it's usually heavy on the meat, dairy, or salt. but he kept on talking the talk.

eventually i found myself there on the way to his parents' house. i was a little nervous since my own parents were along for the ride, and i don't think they've even tried rugbrød before. but i gotta tell ya, i think they were as impressed as i was. what you see is pickled herring in tomato sauce, flounder with shrimp, fishball, roast beef, and 2 french cheeses. all the smørrebrød toppings were put together perfectly with their sauces, flavours matched perfectly and nothing was too salty. i'm also glad that the lunch special was 3 types of fish and only one meat. of course, my parents passed on the snaps.

maybe it was the hype, maybe it was the danish butter. either way, my parents really enjoyed this take on traditional danish food. and i might have liked it just a little bit as well.

restaurant fænøsund
teglgårdsvej 100
5500 middelfart
tlf. 64 41 28 38

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