søndag den 20. juni 2010

the v-word

it sucks being a vegan in denmark.

well, at least i'm assuming. two of my (unsurprisingly non-danish) friends are vegans and i can't imagine how they don't go nuts living in a country that is famous for its pork and dairy products. the meat section in a supermarket here is usually larger than the fruit/veg sections combined; it seems like it's almost next to grains in their food pyramid. sorry for the poor image quality, but that photo above was taken by my cellphone in stockholm. do i spy (with my tiny eyes) two types of kimchi? and multiple varieties of non-dairy milk? denmark... you have a long way to go.

what with all the barbecues at summer parties, or at least attempts at them despite lack of sunshine, there is usually several kinds of you-know-what sitting on the grill. i often think of my vegan friends getting their daily nutrition at these parties from just beer. and some potatoes, if they're lucky.

sometimes i eat vegan for a day, just because i'm bored or even too lazy to make something. the photo up there is a vegan stuffing i made from leftover homemade (duh) bread and rescued celery. who says you gotta wait 'til thanksgiving? anyway the branching-off from traditional cooking and especially baking methods genuinely interests me and i can certainly stand by the ethics standpoint of being vegan. but i can't bring myself to give up cheese and fish forever. sorry, guys. ):

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Anonym sagde ...

There are different kimchis in Asian supermarket here. Want me to get some for you?

kelly sagde ...

The Danish food pyramid (the one you get in textbooks, the official one) *is* different from every other one in the world.
Milk, cheese and other dairy *should* be on the level with meat but they are on the bottom with grains.
Sweets and other things should be at the very top but they miss that one out completely.
I cannot imagine what vegans go through here. Maybe I will try it for a month, just to see.

mina sagde ...

@seasonticket: wow, i had no idea about the real food pyramid. i thought i was just talking smack. :D

@indonesian: UH, YES?? :DDDD

to be fair, i did go to superbest (i think by vangede st.?) and saw a few more vegan and also gluten-free options. but come on, what about the 'bohemian' city center?

Bri sagde ...

I feel so incredibly sorry for vegans in DK. Even here in Copenhagen, the attitude and availabilty of even vegetarian friendly foods is disgustingly poor. Diet in Denmark is awful. I also cannot have yeast or sugar - trying to find breads, crackers is the most ridiculous thing. They add yeast and sugar to EVERYTHING, it's disgusting.

I've often played with the idea of opening a small vegan/vego cafe, but staying open would be an uphill battle to say the least.

Also, Your post has inspired me to name and shame a cafe in Roskilde in a blog post.

mina sagde ...

@princess: i would be so stoked if a vegan cafe opened here. even the vegetarian joints are far and few between. sadly, i have to admit that korea is far behind in vegan eateries too... but at least it's easy to find a mass of soya products to help you cook for yourself at home and the general diet is quite healthy. if only they could cut back on all the sodium!

looking forward to your post, as all the rest! (:

Anonym sagde ...

It is indeed miserable to be a vegan in Copenhagen. :-( I do most of my grocery shopping in Sweden (Malmø or Helsingborg), as the selection is so much better and the prices lower. Having lived in Sweden and Finland before moving to Denmark, I had never had problems finding the items I need - but in Denmark, I often have to "hunt" for quite basic dinner ingredients in several different shops (and more often than not, still not find everything, or only find tem in some super-expensive speciality shops). It is becoming a little better now - compared to how it was just a few years ago - but Denmark still has a long, long way to go...

mina sagde ...

@anon: i am always giddy when i take the train to sweden and think of all the lovely things i'm going to buy... from the grocery store. haha, i also have the same problem of going to 2, 3, sometimes even 4 different shops to get all my goods if i want to have a bit of money leftover. which i do. ):

what can one do other than to keep buying stuff and hope the supermarkets can take a hint.