søndag den 4. juli 2010

rice drink

i have always loved sikhye; a sweet, slightly fermented drink with rice on the bottom. when i first moved to denmark, i brought a package of barley malt powder with the intention of making it here. 2 years later... haha, i finally made it! it's not as good as the one in the korean restaurants but i like it a lot. obviously i made it with the help of maangchi.

however, like many of my korean food creations, it's hard for me to find someone to share it. the dane is still putting an effort into choking down my experiments, bless his widdle heart. this one in particular turned out very well but it's hard to get a dane to try something called "fermented rice drink." after a week went by and there was still that pitcher sitting in the fridge, i did what any frugal korean mom (wait, isn't that redundant?) would probably do and made it into popsicles.


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