mandag den 5. april 2010

kiin kiin

oyster served on a nørrebro paving stone. fresh, sweet, salty! sadly this is the only picture i got during the meal at michelin-starred kiin kiin. the dane hid the camera from me while i took a bathroom break; he was getting embarrassed at my asian tourist-like snapping. but i couldn't really complain since the lighting was less-than-optimal and i didn't want to use flash. oh, and who can argue when he took us there to celebrate us reserving our wedding date. july 24, people! (;

hard to believe this restaurant is right around the corner from our apartment in the 'ghetto' known as nørrebro. trust me, there are a lot of places in copenhagen i would rather not end up in at 2am but most danes consider our hood to be dangerous. the meal was well worth the 2000kr+ (and we didn't even get the accompanying wine menu!) with the flawless service, delicious plates, and perfect presentation. the first course is served downstairs in the lounge. plate after plate of amuse bouche! dumplings, soya-roasted cashews, fried lotus root, fishcakes, scallop tartar, more... after these alone, i was almost full. @_@

they escorted us upstairs where they first presented us with a surprise course, the dane chose lobster and i chose what you see in the photo above. after that it seemed like a blur of tastes and smells. i don't really remember the dishes very well. hey, part of the reason why i write in this journal is to help my own memory! i do remember the soup and the duck with bok choy to be almost uncomfortably salty... both dishes were very good but i was wishing for something like rice or noodles to neutralize it. anyway, onto my favourite course; DESSERT. :D

...and there were three! the first was a spin off of københavner stang, a popular ice-pop with vanilla ice cream encased in citrusy popsicle. only this one was passionfruit ice cream inside a white chocolate shell. oooohhhh. the next was a sort of apple cake with crumbs, cream, and of course a baked apple. oh, and it was doused in rum and lit on fire. that was just a little awesome. finally we were served a little scoop of cream in a big plate with a hole in the center. our sweet, swede waitress poured liquid nitrogen into the bigger plate underneath and our cream turned into, well, ice cream. some of the smoke got onto the tablecloth and my hand, felt pretty cool (badum-chh).

i was reeling from all this sensory overload; all i wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed. but as expected, the dane wanted a cup of coffee. apparently that comes with 5-6 amazing chocolates. those who know me will know how my eyes lit up when they presented the sweets. my favourite was a green grape simply coated in white chocolate. ^^

all i can say is WOW. if you've got the dough (or at least a reason to celebrate, like us), i can definitely recommend this restaurant. hopefully if we go another time, there will be enough daylight to snap some photos!

kiin kiin
guldbergsgade 21
2200 københavn n
+45 35 35 75 55

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

*jealous* Have yet to go there. Used to live on Peter Fabersgade myself, when the locales where kiin kiin is now were empty and desolate, for years even.

Congratulations, by the way!

mina sagde ...

thanks, jennie! ^^

you should go with your man sometime! i hear there is even a place around the corner where your kids can play video games and eat cake with a babysitter (psst, it's my apartment)! :P

Anonym sagde ...


However I'm too stingy to splash that much cash on a restaurant visit LOL It must be a VERY SPECIAL celebration then. Maybe our 50th anniversary LOOOL

Rachel sagde ...

Congrats on celebrating your wedding date! That's exciting. Funny how he hid your camera while you stepped away from the table... but at least you got one pic.
Thanks for the restaurant recommendation, too! That was a cute way to end the post/dinner... picturing your eyes light up when the chocolates were served.

Anonym sagde ...

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