søndag den 25. april 2010

dumpster diving

i found this spidskål (some kinda pointy cabbage? help me out there) in a bin, along with a massive amount of potatoes, some carrots, and 2 yellow peppers. the peppers got roasted first, then everything was thrown into a pot, boiled, pureed into oblivion, and hit with a generous handful of chili flakes. how's that for veggie torture?

the result was a hearty soup for a rainy spring day. i topped it off with a bit of yogurt but i guess it wasn't really necessary to un-veganize it. bottom line is; it was good and so cheap. all i paid for was the onions, chili, and garlic. it's not that i'm poor (yet). it is simply amazing the amount and quality of foodstuffs that danish supermarkets throw out. but now i am taking advantage of it. (;

2 kommentarer:

Rachel sagde ...

That's awesome how you can find food to use from restaurants... so smart! And you made a wonderful soup.. I'll have to try that topping a soup w/ yogurt. I've just started adding cottage cheese to lots of my meals/snacks for protein.
Great pictures!

mina sagde ...

neeeeejjj, rachel! i would never take food from a restaurant. smells so bad and you never know what happened to it. most of the food i take from supermarkets are still wrapped, it's crazy! :P