fredag den 30. april 2010

carrot tops

my vendetta against carrots is over, but i am still no fan of them. however, when i found some bunches with the greens still on, i couldn't help but take two. once i got home i realized i have no idea what to do with the tops. it would be a damn shame if i just picked the carrots for the lovely tops that would just end up back in the bin. those greens sat in the crisper all night but they were in my thoughts up until i fell asleep. probably in my dreams as well. YES, i do sometimes dream about food. you can stop laughing now. :P

after a good washing, i ate a few leaves raw. tasted a bit like carrot and parsley but not as strong. so i took the easy way out and made it into a soup. sauteed some onions in butter (no garlic, as the dane is still avoiding it. so sad!!), added the greens, and then some vegetable stock. then came some diced carrots and potatoes and sun-dried tomatoes and leftover rice. immersion blender. i know i am getting a bit lazy in the kitchen lately but it's just so instinctive to make soup! and also a good way to get all my vegetable servings for the day. the soup was an awful colour so no photo. but it tasted really good, probably because of the butter and marmite. i had a tiny bit left in the jar that i've had for over 2 years now but i just swished some stock in there and poured it into the soup. added a really nice oomph of flavour. (:

conclusion: do NOT toss those tops! there are some good-looking ideas here but i haven't tried any of the recipes. and of course, save that little bit of marmite or off-wine (or what have you) to add to soups. ^^

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