lørdag den 13. marts 2010

"thai" spicy

my favourite hangover brunchmate and i paid another visit to thai kalasin to celebrate her return from a trip home in indonesia. of course we had the usual spicy fried fish but i always like to get something new on the menu as well. this time i chose the glass noodle salad. i can't resist a seafood salad, especially when it's got some heat! when the waitress asked how hot we wanted it, we just smiled mischievously. (or at least i did.) so she said "ok, i make it THAI spicy."

BOY was it. there must have been at least 2 little chilies in it. my mouth and stomach were burning pleasantly for the rest of the afternoon. and of course it was delicious. (:

4 kommentarer:

Unknown sagde ...

boy, that looks good. you can take us to this restaurant when we visit in july.

Rachel sagde ...

That looks delicious... and you always have the best pictures accompany your posts! I'm glad you were able to enjoy such a great meal with your friend.

Alisa-Foodista sagde ...

That looks wonderful! I love spicy salads too

Anonym sagde ...

I had the same experience the other day, I thought most Norwegians are wuss about chilli, just like the Danes but then I had the spiciest salsa ever after snobbishly requested for the spiciest they've got. It's the kind of salsa sauce that jolts you back into sobriety after drinking too much beer :)