søndag den 21. februar 2010

chili smoothie

yes, i have been eating. but whatever i've made this week is either not really interesting or i didn't have enough time to take a photo. i invited some friends from my danish class over for dinner on friday and i made korean dumpling soup and the vegetable pancake. however it was a big rush to finish everything so... yeah. and then we had cheese with my home-baked bread. and then i had cheese and my bread again on saturday night. i live a charmed life (sometimes), what can i say.

but one morning last weekend i wasn't feeling all that great so i thought back on this great smoothie i had at this cafe called det vide hus. the carrot cake wasn't all that great there, but that's a story for another post. the smoothie was made of blueberries and some other berries but also... chili?! it was cool and refreshing but then the aftertaste was a sweet, mild burn. of course, me being a spice freak, i loved it. the one i made at home wasn't quite the same but still pretty good. more experiments will follow, and i do want my chili plant to feel loved.

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