søndag den 7. februar 2010


this week was a lot of... round food. unfortunately that's not the only round thing that's been spotted chez mina. but hey, it's winter; i need a layer of insulating fat! or at least that's what i'm telling myself to keep from caring about it. so far it's working. ^^

fiskefrikadeller! another one of those great danish cold lunch foods. basically a slightly flattened fishcake. there is something similar in korean cuisine that is usually seen in soup. sadly, this was store-bought because i was lazy. but still; yum!

mushrooms, red onions, and feta on some sort of flatbread that i drunkenly bought one night at a green grocer. i think it's lavash? anyway it was delicious!

and although i do love when the dane makes me bacony, creamy, mushroomy pasta on a snowy night, sometimes i feel like i need something that is not so full-fat or time-consuming. simple salads like raw beetroot and feta, for example. i am really digging that cheese lately. seemingly perfect on anything! and it's normally sold in squares instead of rounds. (;

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