tirsdag den 12. januar 2010

simple green curry

i've made it plenty of times before but today i decided to pack it in my lunch. i'll reheat it outside of the bento box, along with the rice. the mae ploy green curry is just awesome; all you have to do is fry it in some vegetable oil, add coconut milk, and then vegetables. the best thing about the curry paste is that it's only herbs and vegetables with no preservatives. and no, i'm not being paid to say that. (;

it's got kale, organic broccoli and a handful of frozen carrots, bell peppers, and corn. it also has two little chilies from our chili plant at home. strong stuff! P:

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June sagde ...

is your plant still producing chillies? i got a harvest of about 20 odd chillies and then it stopped!Now its just the plant with no chillies.