mandag den 11. januar 2010

keepin' it real

well, it isn't beautiful or cute. but i did make my first proper bento, or to use the korean term, doshirak (도시락). same lunch box, different languages.

i rinsed some herring fillets and took off the skin. then i dredged them in a mix of flour, oatmeal, s&p, and fried them in a bit of vegetable oil. the oats add a nice crispiness and more fiber. underneath the fillets is plain ol' whole wheat pasta and some vegetables. the bottom tier has a salad which i'll probably just salt and pepper at lunchtime.

to be honest i am a little anxious about taking a funny little lunch box like this to my danish workplace. the contents of this one would be familiar to them but maybe they will see riceballs and dumplings as weird among their very predictable madpakke of cheese/meat rye bread + carrot + cucumber/tomato. the only reason i am thinking about it is because once i took a packet of miso and a cube of tofu to make into soup for lunch; they looked at me like i was squeezing poo on top of some plastic toy. when i tried to explain the concept of the ingredients to them, they looked pretty strangely at me for eating soybeans two ways in the same soup.

whatever. it's MY lunch! (:

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DreaminginDanish sagde ...

That's right! It's YOUR lunch! and it looks DELISH!

Anonym sagde ...

Agree with Indra. It looks delish! I did that too with herring fillet once - dredged them in flour and fried them. My boyfriend was practically in shock when he saw that (he's Danish Dane LOL) but he enjoyed it later.

I'm deciding to take a lunch box to work as well. The food's been disappointingly tasteless and it burns a hole in my wallet too. I had to shell 45 NOK every day for awful awful food and that ain't happen any more :)

mina sagde ...

thanks, ladies! ^^

my boyfriend liked the fried herring and he didn't act weird about it. lucky me; he even tried kimchi stew when i made it! he has no fear when it comes to spice. (: