mandag den 16. november 2009

to kale or not to kale

sadly, it was kind of a struggle for me to eat this. i guess the 'wasabi sesame drizzle sauce' is what makes all the difference. also, the texture was a bit too tough for me. i ate all the shiitake mushrooms greedily and pushed the greens around on my plate until i guilted myself into finishing it. i bought a bag of organic danish kale on a whim but it had to be taken care of. but it looked pretty!

however, the success did come eventually. leftovers plus more leftovers apparently equals awesome! only slightly daunted by the rest of the kale sitting in the bag, i took the water saved from soaking the shiitakes and dumped them in a pot with some water and crushed garlic. once it was boiling, i added the unthawed dumplings from the back of the freezer. when i assumed the dumplings were un-iced i laid kale on top and covered the pot so they could steam. i added soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil after the kale was a little tenderized.

too bad i don't have a recipe down because it smelled and tasted so much of the kitchen of my childhood. even the dumplings were pretty good despite the terrible wrapping job i did. this soup made me miss my mom and grandmothers' cooking so much! i can't wait to visit california in december. (:

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Hey I love kale. Where did you get those?

mina sagde ...

i think it is in season here. they can be found in bags all over the city! (:

Anonym sagde ...

behovet for at se:)