torsdag den 26. november 2009

chunky or creamy?

no, i'm not talking about peanut butter. because everyone knows crunchy is better than creamy. (;

tomato soup! that's the subject. last week it was rain, rain, rain. surprise! so i was really craving a soup or stew of some sort. canned tomatoes, garlic, onion, herbs... those are all cheap things i have in the kitchen. my only splurge was a red bell pepper, which i roasted with a head of garlic and chopped them roughly before adding to the pot. of course the dane couldn't stand on vegetables alone for dinner, so i baked a chunk of artisan bread in a loaf pan. the results would have been better had i not turned my back on the oven for 3 minutes. the broil function don't mess around, sistah. however it was thankfully still edible.

though i really liked the rustic soup, sometimes i'm in the mood for a creamy, decadent soup. but for some reason we haven't bought a blender for the new apartment yet.

...until now!! today i was feeling totally lost for dinner so i just gave in and bought a braun standing blender on the way home from work. so that's how mina had hummus with cucumbers and carrots for thanksgiving dinner. the end. (:

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DreaminginDanish sagde ...

dude..i totally did soup this week too. it was that kind of week. chunky chunky chunky. but i did parsnip soup with cayenne rubbed torsk filet. went down well but the tummy was like "What?"...i still ate it for 2 days as leftover though. lol

mina sagde ...

mmmm, torsk. been way too long since i had that! what was up with your stomach? "what" as in "that's all?" or more like "i am gonna excrete this sooner than expected..."

have you tried the artisan bread yet? :D

Anonym sagde ...

Mina, I really need to try this artisan bread. You promised that there would be no kneading, rite?

I have a HUGE oven in my Norwegian apartment that is abandoned. Or maybe I should just wait until you come here and show me how to do it LOL

mina sagde ...

there is the "no-knead bread" i've posted before that is baked in a dutch oven (or in my frugal case, a pot with a lid) but this one doesn't require kneading either. unfortunately that means they are very light and soft breads. hope that's what you're after!

but of course i would love to bake with you in norway. (:

DreaminginDanish sagde ...

Belly was like "maybe, we don't digest root vegetables so well anymore".
I am so gonna attack the bread situation next weekend. Sunday to be exact. Looking forward to eating the whole loaf in one day :)

Anonym sagde ...

Howdy, Mina! Wasn't sure what your current email address was, so I figured I'd leave a comment here (sorry for it being so unrelated to the incredibly delicious looking dish above!)

Tree and I (Nova) have recreated the Cardboard Box Oekaki from so many years ago (seriously, 2002? Seriously?) and we're hoping to gather back as many of the old members as possible for the sake of tremendous nostalgia. The URL is (the URL is just an extra one I had assigned to my hosting) - please stop by if you have a chance/interest! If you are in contact with any of the old members, please let them know as well (or anyone else you think would be interested, really).

Thanks, and cheers!

(PS: Copenhagen, eh? I have cousins there - maybe someday I will visit and taste this delicious food myself |D)

Anonym sagde ...

behovet for at se:)