søndag den 20. september 2009

more thai

i've found my hangover cure.

SPICE. well, this bright pink soup wasn't spicy at all until i added the provided chili sauces. i ordered mild noodles (yen ta fo) in hopes to calm my raging stomach but it only made it worse; i had to take one bite every 3 minutes to not vomit all over the place. but after i dropped in some chilies my stomach felt like gammel dansk and vodka had never touched it. wonderful! and of course the soup was delicious. i only wish there was more shrimp and squid and less fake crab.

not pictured is a delicious whole fried fish. though it's listed with mango(?) sauce, ask for the spicy one. (;

thai kalasin
kattesundet 12
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Anonym sagde ...

So, what do you think? I have been there a couple of times for its noodle soup. You have to ask to make it spicy, otherwise they'll serve you "farang-standard"

but that's before I discovered the fantastic fried fish :)

mina sagde ...

okay, next time i'll ask for spicy! i thought it was really good... especially the fish. :D

Anonym sagde ...

Just to let you know regarding the 'soup', in this case 'yen ta fo'.

Normally when you order noodle soup from Thai restaurant, even in Thailand, you season the soup yourself.There is only one type of noodle soup which come as already spiced up. It is called 'noodle tom yum styled'(or in Thai 'Kaui Tiew Tom Yum'.

So, it is not that we serve you 'farang-standard food' but we serve dishes the way they should be :D

Noodle soup (except noodle tom yum styled) = customers season the soup.

Deep fried fish with mango salad = the dish is made spicy.

Thai Kalasin Restaurant
:D :D :D

mina sagde ...

wow, thanks a lot for the tip! and also for reminding me to stop by thai kalasin this week. (;