søndag den 20. september 2009

mexican independence day

one of my classmates is from mexico and was invited to the independence day celebration thrown by the mexican embassy in copenhagen. she was kind enough to bring me along and we were met with great music, cheerful people, and a bit of free booze. everyone was issued two tickets for tequila shots and one ticket for a corona. so refreshing!

most importantly, we were all given a ticket for FREE FOOD. who knew there would be good mexican food in denmark? the beans had a deep, slightly sweet flavour; that was my favourite. the chicken and beef were also good, the latter tasting almost chocolatey! rice was, well, rice. and wtf at that roll. it has no place there. anyway it was the best mexican food i've had outside of california (and mexico, obv) and i'm sad to think it'll be another year before i can taste it again. ):

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